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Mission and Governance

About Euro-CASE

The European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering is an independent non-profit organisation of national academies of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology from 23 European countries. It was founded in 1992 upon French initiative by the members of CADAS (Conseil pour les Applications de l’Académie des Sciences). The Executive Committee meets four times a year. The Board meets once a year. Euro-CASE acts as a permanent forum for exchange and consultation between European Institutions, Industry and Research.

Through its Member academies, Euro-CASE has access to top expertise (around 6,000 experts) and provides impartial, independent and balanced advice on technological issues with a clear European dimension to European Institutions, national Governments, companies and organisations.

Mission statement

The mission of Euro-CASE is to pursue, encourage and maintain excellence in the fields of engineering, applied sciences and technology, and promote their science, art and practice for the benefit of the citizens of Europe.

In pursuit of this mission the objectives of Euro-CASE are:

  • organisation-mission01Maintain a leadership role in promoting attention to excellence in applied sciences and engineering and to related issues of key importance to Europe,
  • Ensure that the societal impact of technological change is given proper attention with full consideration of environmental and sustainability aspects,
  • Provide impartial, independent and balanced advice on engineering and applied science issues that affect Europe and its people to the European Commission and Parliament, and other European institutions,
  • Promote the importance of applied sciences and engineering throughout Europe and to develop greater public understanding and interest,
  • Attract young Europeans into careers in applied sciences and engineering in order to ensure future technological progress in Europe,
  • Draw on the experience and best practices of the national academies of engineering and applied sciences in Europe, developing appropriate,
  • Information networks.



Euro-CASE is governed by a Board consisting of senior representatives from each Member Academy.
An Executive Committee is elected from the Board.
The secretariat is based in Paris, hosted by the National Academy of Technologies of France in the Grand Palais des Champs Elysées.