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Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)

Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)



Lundtoftevej 266

2800 Kgs. Lyngby Denmark

T. +45 45 88 13 11  | F. +45 45 88 13 51

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Founding date: 28 May 1937
Number of members: 650
Management and Staff: 8
Annual Budget: 950.000 €
Financing and sources: Corporate membership fees (industry and others) amounts to 54%,
income from projects (foundations and participants’ fees) 46 %,





The Academy is an independent institution, the object of which is to act on the basis of expert technical knowledge to promote technological and scientific research and ensure the application of research results to further the creation of value and welfare in Danish society.

Committees / Main working groups

The Academy Council

  • Scientific group on Technological Management and Organisation
  • Scientific group on Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and Geosciences
  • Scientific group on Construction and Production
  • Scientific group on Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Technology

The ATV Think Tank
ATV|Helios - The ATV Committee on Education, Research and Innovation.

Highlights 2016

Organisation of the ATV’s Technology Day / Euro-CASE’s Annual Meeting 2016 here in Copenhagen. The three main events which ATV has held in 2016 with international speakers and with international perspectives are:

 The Torkil Holm Symposium 2016 – Visions in Chemistry. 360 participants and speakers enjoyed two days of presentations and discussions on cutting edge research and future chemical applications

  • Stronger Science Communication in the Media. 120 participants and speakers discussed how to communicate science and research in a modern and stronger way in the present-day media
  • EU’s Personal Data Protective Directive. More than 100 participants and speakers debated the consequences of EU’s new Directive giving specific suggestions to companies, authorities and others on how to comply with the Directive in the best way possible
Annual Report 2014-2015

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Analysing cultural barriers for innovation
ATV organised a conference and published a report on innovation which was well received by the press and political decision-makers. The over-all conclusion is that cultural barriers are the most important obstacles for becoming a more innovative...
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Technical Education and Capacity building for the Raw Materials Industry in Greenland
The purpose of this report is to identify the need for enhancing the capacity in relation to technical education and for pinpointing related focus areas which may act as a lever to ensure a substantial Greenlandic yield of raw materials...