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Slovenian Academy of Engineering (IAS)

Slovenian Academy of Engineering (IAS)



Tomsiceva 4

1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

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Founding date: 1995
Number of members: 54
Number foreign members: 2
Management and Staff: 1
Annual Budget: 86 000 €
Financing and sources: Government Support • 94%
Other • 6%





  • To stimulate the acquisition of the top-level technical knowledge that provides the basis for technological progress and a balanced, sustainable development;
  • To promote the role and influence of technical experts in society in general and when dealing with issues relating to the economy and development;
  • To assess and give opinions on the conditions and development of technical sciences and disciplines, research and education;
  • To discuss basic issues relating to innovations and the organisation of the economy with regard to technological development;
  • To be involved in the formation of policies relating to research, technology and innovations;
  • To propose measures for enhancing innovations, increasing the quality of research-and-development activities and fostering the transfer of research achievements and innovations to the economy;
  • To be involved in forming the policy and the programmes of training technicians and engineers at all educational levels;
  • To enhance international cooperation in its areas of operation;
  • To promote the development and use of Slovenian terminology in the areas of technical sciences and disciplines;
  • To produce regular and occasional publications;
  • To organise and support national and international discussions, conferences, panels and other meetings in the areas of engineering and business;
  • To present annual and occasional awards for exceptional achievements in the areas of engineering and business, promoting engineering activities;
  • To carry out other tasks aimed at fostering the effectiveness of engineering activities and reinforcing the role of engineers in society.

Committees / Main working groups

The 2 main working groups of IAS are

  • The Scientific - Research Group and,
  • The Business – development Group.

The IAS has 3 boards

  • Board of Higher Education and Research,
  • Board of the Energy Sector and the Environment,
  • Board of the Economy.

Highlights 2015

The Slovenian Academy of Engineering (IAS) was fully active by the time of the achievement of the Annual program for the year 2015. The Annual program was approved by IAS members at the assembly meeting on the 24th of February 2015.

The Assembly of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering elected Prof. Dr. Stane Pejovnik as President and Prof. Dr. Janez Možina and Rok Uršič as vice- Presidents for the next three years.

In accordance with the Annual Program 2015, IAS continued with activities on the renewing of the innovation process in Slovenia, based on the IAS Statements “Slovenia Needs a New Vision for the Development of the Economy and Society”, the annual “Comparative Analysis of Development of Higher Education, Research-development-innovation and Economy Achievements of Slovenia”, which IAS performs every year. As a result of these activities, IAS organized a conference “Innovation process of Slovenia” which took place on 20th of January 2015 in Ljubljana. At the conference, some members of IAS presented papers, which include articles focused on the basis for further discussion on enforcing the innovation process in Slovenia. Chair of the Euro-Case Innovation Platform Prof. Dr. Bjorn Nilsson presented the subject of the articles “Euro-Case policy paper on European Innovation policy”. All presentations are published in the Conference proceedings  entitled “Slovenia Innovations systems”.

In February 2015, the Conference proceedings “Slovenia Innovations systems” were distributed to all competent authorities in Slovenia as well as presented to the general public through media (National TV and Radio, Newspapers, Internet media).
From March to October 2014, four workshops were organised by the IAS Committee for Energy and the Environment. The aim of the workshops was to prepare IAS Statements on the topic “Energy in Slovenia Today and Tomorrow”. The outcomes of the workshops are the IAS Statements title “Position of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering on the development of the Slovenian energy sector until 2030 with a view until 2050”. The main observation of the IAS Committee for Energy was that despite several documents, Slovenia has no clear and realistically defined strategy for energy sector until 2013, with a view to 2050, nor an action plan to achieve binding goals within the scope of the EU. The key documents need systematic and comprehensive consideration with clearly defined goals of the government in energy supply and management, both in view of necessary measures as well as their efficient implementation considering the protection of the general interest of Slovenian inhabitants in the energy sector and therewith related areas. Complete document is attached to this Report. It is also published on the IAS website;

In July 2015 the IAS document entitled “Position of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering on the development of the Slovenian energy sector until 2030 with a view until 2050” were distributed to all competent authorities in Slovenia as well as presented to the general public through media (National TV and Radio, Newspapers, Internet media).

The IAS members, in the year 2015, were also very active preparing the new strategy for the development of the economy and society in frame of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (SSS). The IAS basis for SSS is a vision that Slovenia needs to be a country known for innovative, export oriented, and high technology companies that will lead the global market in selected niches. From this vision IAS derives the principal policy: “The actions and operations of all stakeholders must be aimed at a successful high value-added economy. It is not enough to increase productivity; we require innovative products and services with high added value. We believe that the Smart Specialisation may help put this vision and policy into action.
Complete document is present on the IAS website;

IAS continued with its activities on improving the status of engineers and engineering in Slovenia. The Ministry in charge of science has accepted IAS’s proposal for the “Puh’s Engineer State Awards” for outstanding engineering achievements.
They hope that Awards will be handed out for the first time in 2017.

One of important tasks of IAS in year 2015 was also devoted to all aspects of Engineering Education from Professional school until University, which will be of great importance for engineering and technology development in Slovenia in the future.
The first document of IAS developed in cooperation with the Ministry, Universities, Companies, the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts and other experts will be published at the end of year 2016.
IAS annually publishes a Yearbook in which Academy activities members and their achievements are presented. The Yearbook is published in the Slovenian language and is distributed to the relevant public.
Throughout the year, IAS representatives wear active in the Euro-CASE Platforms for Innovation, Energy and Engineering Education.

Annual Report 2014-2015

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IAS positions and initiative for the model of smart specialisation and selection of problem domains and priority (niche) project/product fields
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IAS contribution to Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy

IAS took an active part in shaping the Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy:

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Proposal for the harmonisation of SSS with EC recommendations and for the preparation of the final version of the document
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Position of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering on the development of the Slovenian energy sector until 2030, with a view until 2050