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Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EA CR)

Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EA CR)



Narodni trida 3

111 21 Praha 1 Czech Republic

T. +420 221 40 34 78 | F. +420 221 40 34 78

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Founding date: 25 February 1995
Number of members: 181
Number foreign members: 26
Management and Staff: 2 part time ( approx. 0,6 unit)
Annual Budget: 97.650 €
Financing and sources: Government Support • 74% (indirect - grants)
Industry • 19%
Private funding • Nil
Other • 6%


Petr Zuna



EACR mission is to foster technical sciences, to build bridges between the spheres of research and development and the sphere of implementation, to contribute to an increase of the competitiveness of Czech Economy and to participate in guaranteeing technical education.

Committees / Main working groups

EA CR Council, Control committee, Nominating committee

Professional Sections
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Material Engineering and Technology
  • Informatics and Cybernetics
  • Strategy of Research and Development
  • Transport Engineering
  • Czech Knowledge Transfer Office.

Highlights 2016

  • 2nd Joint Conference of the EA CR and the Czech Medical Academy, organized in October in Prague, presented results of cooperation of technical and medical research in various fields of technical and medical sciences.
  • In March, the EA CR was co-organizer of an Engineering Forum – a significant meeting of representatives of firms and prominent figures from the Czech industry, state administration, and representatives of the sphere of R&D and technical education. The topics under discussion included: science, research and innovations, forms of supporting export and technical education. The topics were aimed at improving competitiveness of the Czech economy.
  • The Annual Prize of the Engineering Academy is an award promoting outstanding results of Engineering in the Czech Republic. In 2016, it was presented to the team from METROSTAV, J.S.C., for the realization of the Blanka Tunnel Complex of the Prague City Ring Road. Advanced technologies were used in its construction, taking full account of complex geological conditions.
Annual Report 2014-2015