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The Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE)

The Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE)



22 Clyde Road


Dublin 4 Ireland

T. +353 1 66 51 337 | F. +353 1 66 85 508

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Founding date: 1997
Number of members: 127
Number foreign members: 6 resident in UK, 2 resident in the US
Management and Staff: 2 (part‐time)
Annual Budget: 125.000 €
Financing and sources: Industry • 32%
Sponsored Projects • 50%
Members • 13%
Other • 5%





The Irish Academy of Engineering is an all-island body and was established to advance the science and practice of engineering in Ireland and to support the expansion and enhancement of engineering education as an essential element in national development and the enhancement of living standards.

Its role is to:

  • Enhance social and economic development and guide and influence public policy
  • Contribute further to engineering education and innovation
  • Honour achievement and preserve Ireland’s engineering heritage
  • Improve our contribution by strengthening the Academy

Committees / Main working groups

Council, Executive Committee, Development Committee, Membership Committee and 6 Standing Committees as follows:

  • Energy: Principally concerned with Energy Policy over the coming decades
  • Climate Change & Water Resources: Responsible for researching and reporting long term challenge of climate change
  • Spatial Planning and Infrastrucutre: Mainly concerned with infrastructure for an island population increasing to 8 million people over the next 4 – 5 decades
  • Engineering Research & Economic Development: The focus is on Engineering Research and its potential for a developing economy
  • I.C.T.: To observe and promote best practice and new developments in ICT
  • Heritage: The objective is to further the preservation of Ireland’s Engineering heritage

Highlights 2015

  • IAE Response to DJEI Action Plan for Jobs (APJ) 2016

IAE Response to Dept. of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Action Plan for Jobs 2016. Specific proposals for the establishment of centres of excellence for research and skills training recommended and improved universities/industry links.

  • IAE Response to DCENR’s Consultation Document on Ireland’s Renewable Electricity Support Scheme

IAE Response to DCENR’s Consultation Document on Ireland’s Renewable Electricity Support Scheme. Recommendations in respect of a cost effective approach, improved market regulation and cessation of subsidies issued.

  • IAE Response to National Broadband Plan

IAE Response to National Broadband Plan, Ireland’s Broadband Intervention Strategy. Higher capacity speeds, a future proofed network and the state retention of strategic asset (network) recommended.

  • IAE Response to Consultation paper for SSTI

IAE response to Irish Government’s Consultation Paper for Successor to National Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation.

Annual Report 2014-2015

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