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Contact with European institutions and other major activities



The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, Euro-CASE were organising a Round Table on the theme"The dialogue between science, technology and society around two cases: energy and climate change" held in Brussels on 19 September 2013.

The impact of science and technology is becoming increasingly important in many aspects of our societies. The organisation of a strong dialogue between scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, civil society and policy makers become more and more necessary to address major societal challenges of our time.

The objective of the Round Table was to identify how our societies perceive important technological changes and to analyse various key factors which are necessary to facilitate a better interaction between science, technology and society.

The round table was organised in two sessions:

What are the main elements of the debate?
How to promote a more efficient dialogue between science, innovation, technology and society?

Minutes & Presentations

meeting 19.09.2013 d. wilkinson u. engelmann d. ristori e. herczog j. lukasik p. nicolas

D. Wilkinson, U. Engelmann; D. Ristori, H. Herczog, J. Lukasik, P. Nicolas

meeting 19.09.2013 v. sucha m. da graa carvalho d. ristori j. lukasik m. bettiV. Sucha, M. da Graça Carvalho, J. Lukasik, M. Betti


September 9 meeting in Brussels with Anne Glover, DG Representatives and JRC

The main theme of a high level Conference with Anne Glover and the European Commission authorities was “Independent science- and technology-based policy advice from Euro-CASE: How can technology increase Europe's competitiveness and innovative power?”

The main objectives of this workshop were:
- To allow different participating parties to present their most challenging topics and operating principles, in order to generate a better mutual understanding.

- To illustrate how the European Commission could benefit from Euro-CASE’s independent, transversal expertise, represented by more than 6000 Fellows, coming from academia and business, in the debate on key issues, relevant to the future of European citizens.

- To discuss, with all participants, future fields of cooperation as well as possible financing mechanisms.

Anne Glover, the JRC and representatives of various DG agreed to strengthen cooperation between the European Commission and Euro-CASE related to independent science- and technology-based policy advice. In a structured dialogue between science, business and policy, issues of cooperation should be prioritized and specific consulting projects be initiated.  

meeting 09.09.2013
d. calleja r. httl
D. Calleja, R. Hüttl

d. ristori a. glover r. httl

D. Ristori, A. Glover, R. Hüttl



Memorandum of Understanding between JRC and Euro-CASE, On November 12, 2012, Lena Treschow Torell, Chairman of Euro-CASE, signed a MoU to formalize and renforce bilateral relations between the 2 organizations.  Five priority areas were identified in the MoU:
Transport and Mobility
Education & Training
Technology & Society

JRC is the European Commission’s in-house science service. It provides independent scientific advice for policy decisions, with a view to ensuring that the European Union achieves its Europe 2020 goals for a productive economy as well as a safe, secure and sustainable future. The JRC includes 7 institutes in 5 European countries and collaborates extensively with over 1000 public and private organizations, institutions and expert groups.

bey_2316 F. Guinot; G. Öttinger; B. Revellin-Falcoz, J. Lukasik
L. Treschow-Torell, D. Ristori 




Meeting with Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission, July 28, Brussels
Jacques Lukasik, Secretary General of Euro-CASE, accompanied by Sicco Lehmann-Browns, Head of Innovation Unit at acatech, representing Euro-CASE Vice-Chaiman Reinhard Hüttl, presented to Ms. Glover Euro-CASE with its present objectives, structures, activities and its future “2020 Vision”.
This meeting was an occasion to offer to Ms. Glover a Euro-CASE contribution in her tasks, based on a large scale of highly recognized profiles and competencies which characterize about 6 000 Fellows of member academies. 



Science and Technology Options Assessment Office (STOA),
STOA Panel at the European Parliament, Strasbourg, 15 mars 2012
The Chairman, Lena Treschow Torell, and the Secretary General, Jacques Lukasik, were invited to present Euro-CASE at the STOA Panel meeting in Strasbourg, March 15, 2012. The Panel is composed of members of the European Parliament.
The STOA Panel forms an integral part of the structure of the European Parliament. It is composed of 15 Members of the European Parliament. 14 Members of the Panel are nominated by six permanent Committees of the Parliament: ITRE, EMPL, ENVI, IMCO, TRAN and AGRI. The European Parliament Vice-President responsible for STOA is a Member of the Panel ex officio. At that Strasbourg meeting, the chairmanship has been transferred from Paul Rübig (MEP, Austria) to Antonio Fernando Correia de Campos (MEP, Portugal). Mr. Rübig holds now a position of Vice-Chairman of the Panel. Both, Chairman and Vice-Chairman attended the Paris Annual Conference of Euro-CASE in November 2012.

STOA 25th anniversary, November 27, 2012, “Unlocking the mysteries of the Universe at CERN”, Brussels

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of STOA, he Secretary General was also invited to a luncheon given by the Vice President of the European Parliament, responsible for STOA, MEP Oldrich Vlasak. The luncheon was followed by the STOA Annual Lecture on “Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe at CERN”. Recent developments in Elementary Particle Physics were presented by eminent scientists, featuring, among others, Professor Peter Higgs, who spoke about the recent discovery of the famous boson particle bearing his name. Closing remarks were delivered by Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission, and by the STOA Chairman, Mr. Correia de Campos.


 logo sts  Science and Technology for Society (STS) Forum, Kyoto (Japan), October 6-9, 2012
On behalf of the National Academy of Technologies of France, Jacques Lukasik attended this Forum in which he had an opportunity to present Euro-CASE structure and activities in a session in which were represented various engineering and applied sciences academies in the world. Approximately 800 technology and R&D leaders from around the world attended this meeting which was held for the 9th time.


The 2012 Intel lecture series on “Engineering Research & Innovation”
The series of four lectures was a program of the Irish Academy of Engineering, in partnership with Euro-CASE and with sponsorship and support of Intel Corporation plc. They were held at University College Dublin and Queens University Belfast. The object of the programme was to create awareness in the Irish universities, in government and in industry, of the immediate need for major changes in the philosophy and practices of engineering education and research, which should result in a new dynamic of the contribution of engineering to innovation in Ireland.
• “Changing the World through Engineering Research and Innovation”, Justin Rattner, Corporate Vice President and CTO of the Intel Corporation
• “Engineering Research for Economic Growth”, Prof. Michael Kelly, The Prince Philip Professor of Technology, Cambridge University
• “Research and Innovation – Successful Models for Economic Impact”, Prof. John V. McCanny, Director, Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information
• “How the German National Academy of Science and Engineering contributes to Sustainable Growth through Research and Innovation”, Prof. Henning Kagermann, President acatech