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In Stockholm, on January 12-13, Björn Nilsson (IVA) handed over its Chairmanship of the Euro-CASE Innovation Platfrom to Bertrand van Ee (AcTI).

Platform members met in Brussels on June 28-29 and in Warsaw on September 19-20. It 
is engaged in a study regarding “barriers in the national innovation systems inhibiting the scaling-up of innovative SMEs in Europe”. The Platform will conduct this study by investigating the generic issues, but also conduct “deep dives” to understand specific issues. To date were defined Energy (with touches on Climate), Manufacturing and Digitization as deep “dives”, but could easily be added Health, Raw Materials and possibly Food.

Another information about this meeting was published on the PAN website: .


From 2012 to 2015

The previous Euro-CASE Innovation Platform took up its work at the beginning of 2012 under the leadership of acatech (DE) and IVA (SE). The Platform convened six times over a two and a half year period. In the light of the importance for European innovation policy the following topics have been handled in detail by the Platform, resulting in Position Papers:

Additionally two areas, producing Discussion Papers, were managed by the Platform:

  • Innovation & Changing Industry Structuresn

  • Boosting Innovation in Europe USA-EU

    Innovation remains as important as ever to secure economic growth in the EU and to outline routes for a sustainable development of Europe. With Horizon 2020, and the Innovation Union being a flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 growth strategy, the topic of innovation continues to be high on the political agenda for which it is vital that independent associations such as the academies continue to offer science based policy advice on this topic.

    Therefore, recently, Euro-CASE Board decided to extend this Platform for another 2 years.

    The opening meeting will be held in Stockholm on January 12-13, 2016. The Platform meeting will be chaired by Bertrand van Ee, President of AcTI, and hosted by Bjorn O. Nilsson, President of IVA. By the Board’s approval, Bertrand van Ee will take over the chairmanship of this Platform from Björn Nilsson.





meeting-paris-march17-2014Magnus Breidne, IVA (SE)
Tim Brick, IEI (IE)
Jiri Janosec, EA CR (CZ)
Wolf Gehrisch, NATF (FR)
Rudolf Hielscher, acatech Brussels Office (DE)
Rolf Hügli, SATW (CH)
Karl Klingsheim, NTVA (NO)
Vojteh Leskovsek, IAS (SI)
Jacques Lukasik, NATF (FR)
Björn O. Nilsson, IVA (SE)
Bruno Revellin-Falcoz, NATF (FR)
Ian Ritchie, RAEng (UK)
Germain Sanz, NATF (FR)
Alain Schmitt, French Ministry of Industry (FR)
Thomas Stehnken, acatech Brussels Office (DE)
Juha Ylä-Jääski, TAF (FI)

Platform meeting in Paris,
March 17, 2014