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The Euro-CASE Energy Platform is chaired by Umbach Eberhard, acatech

Working Group members:

Chairman: Eberhard Umbach (Germany)

Eloy Alvarez (Spain), Jean-François Minster (France), John Loughhead (UK), Karin Byman (Sweden), Krzysztof Galos (Poland), Miodrag Mesarovic (Serbia), Zoran Marinšek (Slovenia).

Sherpa: Karin Schätzler and Wolf Gehrisch provides support.

The Energy Platform has been working on different actions including an analysis of the staregioes of Eurtopean Countries in the context of a European Energy Cooperation.

Meetings took place in Paris (26.04.2018), Stokholm (28-29.06.2018) and Madrid (28-29.09.2018). Next meeting will be in Paris (14.01.2019)