Friday 14th of December 2018 10:29 AM

Annual conference

After a series of Annual Conferences

2008 London: “How Can Europe Meet its 2020 Renewables Targets?” (RAEng),
2009 Stockholm: “Increasing the interest in Mathematics, Science and Technology” (IVA),
2010 Berlin: “Innovation - Best Practices” (acatech),
2011 Madrid: “Water and Food Security in Europe” (RAI),
2012 Paris: "Energy Independence for Europe" (NATF),
2013 Lisbon: "Boosting Innovation in Europe: USA-EU Why the innovation gap? Horizon 2020, How to boost Innovation" (AE).
2014 Brussels: "Evidence-based Policy Advice and Innovation Policy beyond Horizon 2020"
2015 Amsterdam: "Engineering Smart Cities of the Future"
2016 Denmark: "Big Data – Smarter Products, Better Socie-ties"
2017 Poznan: "Cybersecurity" 
2018 Zürich: "How will Artificial Intelligence shape our Future"

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The 2018 Annual Conference

September 24, 2018
Venue: Zürich
Theme: How will Artificial Intelligence shape our Future

In 2018, the SATW will organise the Annual Meeting of Euro-CASE.