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Public Reports 2009/2015

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Academy : Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)
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Annual Report 2014

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)


Chips on Mars

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

The way his researchers team to produce a silicon microchip for the Rover Curiosity, wich after two years is still exploring Mars atmosphere.
Cómo su equipo de investigadores llegó a fabricar un microchip de silicio, con resistencias de platino, con el que el sensor de viento a bordo del Rover Curiosity sigue explorando dos años después la atmósfera marciana.


Microprocessors on Mars

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

The book describes the way a research team designed and manufactures a silicon microchip for the Rover Curiosity for its trip to Mars.


Spanish Dictionary of Engineering

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

More than 50.000 terms, developed by de Royal Academy of Engineering with the participation of more than 150 Engineering and Technology senior experts.


The role of the Engineering in the energy sector: status and perspectives

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

El papel de las ingenierías en la energía: situación y perspectivas.
As long as in the power generation, transmission and distribution, the Engineering runs from the conceptual design till the operation stage, and is strongly, in some case decisively, involved.


Twenty years in the internationalization of the Spanish industry

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

Veinte años en la internacionalización de la empresa española.
How the Spanish enterprises have developed their internationalization plans during the last 20 years.


Photons and neurons: otherº doors of perception

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

Fotones y neuronas: otras puertas de la percepción.
The way our neurons recognize images and, more specifically, optical illusions and how photonics could help us to understand them.


From machines to humans. The art of decision making

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

De máquinas a humanos. El arte de la toma de decisiones.
The study and research about the efficient integration of people and machines decisions are showed as a key challenge for the progress of the society, our welfare and of our knowledge.


The search of the usefulness. The long way of Homo Faber

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

En busca de la utilidad. La larga marcha del Homo Faber.
The book analyses the search for the definition, identity and specificity of the Engineering.


Energy, Technology and Engineering

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

Energía, tecnología e ingeniería.
Author’s aim is to describe the different links between energy, technology and engineering.


Ground-Structure numerical models

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

Modelos numéricos en dinámica suelo-estructura.
The book shows some studies about the dynamic behavior of the structures, in which the interfaces with the floor is playing an important role, strongly variable along the time.