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Frontiers of Engineering 2014

2014 EU-US
Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

November 10, 2014 - November 12, 2014
EU-US FOE, Seattle, Washington

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The 2014 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering will be held at Boeing in Renton, Washington in November 2014.
About 60 outstanding engineers under the age of 45 will meet for an intensive 2-1/2 day symposium to discuss
cutting-edge developments in four areas: Energy Storage Across Scales, Protein Design for Therapeutic
Applications, Smart Homes, and Atoms to Airplanes: Designer/Engineered Aerospace Materials.
The event facilitates international and cross-disciplinary research collaboration, promotes the transfer of
new techniques and approaches across disparate engineering fields, and encourages the creation of
a transatlantic network of world-class engineers. This symposium is hosted in partnership with the European
Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering and the National Academy of Technologies of France.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

(Working titles listed. Order of sessions TBD.)

Symposium co-chairs: Christodoulos Floudas, Princeton University, and Yves Caseau, ______


Session co-chairs: Brian Falzon, Queen’s University, Belfast, and Weidong Song, Boeing

Architected Cellular Materials
Tobias Schaedler, HRL Laboratories

Heatable Coating, Carbon Nanotube-Enhanced Carbon Fiber, and Carbon Nanotube Fibers
Speaker TBD

Engineering Low-Dimensional Carbon for Aerospace Composites
Ian Kinloch, University of Manchester

Predicting Failure in Aircraft Structures: Simulating Fracture Across Scales and Time
Stephane Bordas, University of Luxembourg


Session co-chairs: Isabelle André, University of Toulouse, and Carlos Camacho, University of Pittsburgh

Understanding, Sensing, and Controlling Misfolded Proteins Responsible for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Nikolay Dokholyan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Enzyme Design for Biotechnological Applications

Daniela Grabs-Röthlisberger, Arzeda Inc.

Mechanisms of Protein Misfolding: A Combined Approach of Computational Modeling and Biophysical and Cell Biological Experimentation

Frédéric Rousseau, Catholic University of Leuven

New Concepts and Software Tools for Rational Design of Enzymes and Bacteria
Jiri Damborsky, Masaryk University

ENERGY STORAGE ACROSS SCALES: Energy Storage as the Cornerstone of Renewables, Mobility, and Smart Grids

Session co-chairs: Malte Behrens, Max-Planck Society, and Davion Hill, DNV

Future Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage
Colin Wessels, Alveo Energy

Changing the Way Li-ion Batteries are Made
Brian Morin, Dreamweaver International

Options for Chemical Storage of Renewable Energy
Thomas Aicher, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

New Catalysts for Chemical Energy Storage
Regina Polkavits, RWTH Aachen University


Session co-chairs: Olivier Hersent, Actility SA, and Stephen Intille, Northeastern University

Towards Ubiquitous Connected Objects that also Connect Outside the Home
Nicolas Sornin, Semtech

Contributing to a Carbon-Free Economy with Smarter Homes
Mihai Petcu, Coda Strategies

Home Sensing

Shwetak Patel, University of Washington

Smart Environments That Deliver Tools to Help the Elderly Stay in their Homes
Aaron Crandall, Washington State University