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Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG)

Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG)



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102 48 Athens Greece

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Highlights 2013

Major events organized by the technical chamber of Greece during 2013

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European Union Programmes

Due to the economic crisis in Greece and the lack of funds, the Technical Chamber of Greece has focused, mainly, on the organization of events funded by European Union.
The Technical Chamber of GREECE (TCG) is participating to the Intelligent Energy Europe for a Sustainable Future project as coordinator of the sub-project titled «Adding to SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) more participants, more contain across Europe (SEAP-PLUS)» Project: SEAP-PLUS (IEE/11/978/SI2.615950)

The Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative holds a pivotal role in achieving the ―20-20-20‖ targets for 2020, enacted through the Climate and Energy package in 2009.

Six pairs of regional partners have been created to facilitate direct transfer of knowledge and know-how from experienced partners to learning ones, so that the latter can better support their local authorities. The twinning partnerships focus on building the capacity, knowledge and expertise of the learning regions in developing SEAPs. Particular emphasis is given on overcoming the barriers faced during the development and implementation of SEAPs. Three rounds of twinning visits are planned, each consisting of a visit from the learning partners to the experienced partners and vice versa. As it is important to maintain the ties between the learning and experienced regions, SEAP-PLUS foresees the signing of a Memorandum of Un-derstanding (MoU) between each twinning pair. This is expected to extend their co-operation after the duration of the project.

Local Authorities are being mobilized to participate in and / or organise Energy Days in each region. Technical help is also being offered to them by both experienced and learning partners of the project.

Collaboration with the respective energy stakeholders for access to reliable and lo-calized energy data is currently being encouraged through specific actions, such as workshops, roundtables and bilaterals. Regional stakeholders involvement is also being promoted. Follow up actions will ensure future collaboration, such as the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC).

SEAP-PLUS continues to successfully promote the CoM initiative and disseminate the project outputs and results to key target groups, including local, regional, national authorities and decision makers.


      The Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Nicosia Municipality
      Vienna submits its Sustainable Energy Action Plan in June 2013
      SEAP-PLUS participated at “Accelerating change at local lev-el for effective delivery of sustainable energy solutions”
      Europe's largest and Sweden's most northern municipality has signed the CoM
      Helping municipalities from Northern Sweden developing their SEAPs
      SEAP-PLUS working together with MESHARTILITY
      Support provided to Latvian municipalities
      Support to Bulgarian municipalities in developing SEAPs
      Support to Greek municipalities in developing SEAPs
      Support to Italian municipalities in developing SEAPs

      A European event: The SEAP-PLUS Business Breakfast Event
      Energy Days in Austria
      Energy days in Bulgaria
      Energy Day in Greece
      Energy Days in Italy
      Energy Day in Latvia
      Sustainable Energy Week in the province of Barcelona
      SEAP Actions
      SEAP Budget and Funding
      BUILD UP Skills

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Annual Report 2014-2018