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Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)



Box 5073

S-102 42 Stockholm Sweden

T. +46 8 791 29 00 | F. +46 8 611 56 23

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Founding date: 1919
Number of members: 885
Number foreign members: 268
Management and Staff: 40
Annual Budget: 7.600.000 €
Financing and sources: Government Support • 12%
Industry • 18%
Private funding • 27%
Other • 43%






Highlights 2017 & 2018

  • The German Swedish Tech Forum, an IVA initiative togethet with the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated on January 31 at IVA by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. The forum is a new innovation platform to increase cooperation between industrial enterprises in Germany and Sweden.
  • Seminars over a wide range of topics have been held; e g Nobel Prize Laurate Prof Hiroshi Amano, Nagoya University, talked about the development of the blue LED, Prof Emmanuelle Charpentier talked about CRISPR-Cas9, and the world famous robot guru Hiroshi Ishiguro presented his geminoid.
  • Many IVA projects during 2017-18 were devoted to aspects of sustainability. The project Good Cities focused on city planning and presented new ideas in this area. Circular economy and resource efficiency is another IVA engagement in sustainability. Both projects had interaction with responsible government Ministers.
Annual Report 2014-2018