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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EA CR)

Member Academies

Narodni trida 3 / 111 21 / Praha 1 Czech Republic

T. +420 221 40 34 78 | F. +420 221 40 34 78



Founding date: 1995
Number of members: 181
Number foreign members: 26
Management and Staff: 2 part time ( approx. 0,6 unit)
Financing and sources: The Portuguese Academy of Engineering is a private not-for-profit association
Annual Budget: 97.650 €
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 74% (indirect – grants)
Industry • 19%
Private funding • Nil
Other • 6%


EACR mission is to foster technical sciences, to build bridges between the spheres of research and development and the sphere of implementation, to contribute to an increase of the competitiveness of Czech Economy and to participate in guaranteeing technical education.

Committees / Main working groups

EA CR Council, Control committee, Nominating committee
Professional Sections
– Mechanical Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
– Civil Engineering and Architecture
– Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
– Material Engineering and Technology
– Informatics and Cybernetics
– Strategy of Research and Development
– Transport Engineering

– Czech Knowledge Transfer Office.

Highlights 2017/2018

– The EACR organized on September 19, 2017 in Prague an International workshop on “Scale-up of Innovative SMEs“. The Euro-CASE Position Document “Barriers to Innovation and Scale-up of Innovative SMEs“ was presented and recommendations of the Euro-CASE Innovative Platform II were discussed.
– The EACR cooperated in the elaboration of an independent RAEng. study on the building and fire regulations for residential buildings in reaction to the Grenfell Tower fire. The EA CR provided sources for this field from the Czech Republic.
– 2017 Annual Award of the EACR was presented to a team of the Technical University, Brno for the implementation of a small hydroelectric power station with a siphon swirl turbine in the Želina locality. The unique concept of the siphon swirl turbine is characterized by its simple design and high hydraulic efficiency – up to 85% – which makes it possible to use these turbines on most rivers already from a 1 m gradient with minimum costs.
– The Engineering Academy CR together with the Czech Medical Academy organized the 3rd Joint Conference presenting achievements of the cooperation of engineering and medical research in the field of replacements of human organs. The Conference took place on 16. April 2018 in Prague.
– 2018 Annual Award of the EACR was presented to the team of the Novák & Partner Co. for the Unique structure of the bridge over the Chomutovka valley designed with application of several calculation models which made it possible to create a materially balanced and slender structure which is an evidence of the high level of bridge engineering in the CR.
– Engineering Academy CR have been participating in the project aimed at elimination of noise and other environmental burdens at the outfalls of urban tunnels in residential areas. EACR also participated in number of infrastructure projects in Prague and in the whole Czech Republic