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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)

Member Academies

C/O BLOXHUB – Faestningens Materialgaard – 30 Frederiksholms Kanal / 1220 Copenhagen K Denmark

T. +45 45 88 13 11 | F. +45 45 88 13 51



Founding date: 1937
Number of members: 650
Number foreign members: 8
Management and Staff: 950.000 €
Financing and sources:
Corporate membership fees (industry and others) amounts to 54%,
income from projects (foundations and participants’ fees) 46 %


The Academy is an independent institution, the object of which is to act on the basis of expert technical knowledge to promote technological and scientific research and ensure the application of research results to further the creation of value and welfare in Danish society.

Committees / Main working groups

The Academy Council

– Scientific group on Technological Management and Organisation
– Scientific group on Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and Geosciences
– Scientific group on Construction and Production
– Scientific group on Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Technology

The ATV Think Tank
ATV|Helios – The ATV Committee on Education, Research and Innovation.

Highlights 2020-2021


  • Notable publications include ‘State of the Nation 2020: Denmark as Science & Engineering Region’, ‘Whitepaper on the use of AI in Healthcare’, ‘Can the SDG’s be used to evaluate technology?’, and ‘The future of sustainable production’.
  • August, ATV launched its report on The World’s Leading Tech Regions and welcomed its new Chairman Mr. Anders Bjarklev, President, Denmark’s Technical University; At the Technology Summit in November, ATV gathered stakeholders from policy, industry and university to discuss a Technology Strategy for Denmark post-COVID-19 called Denmark 5.0.
  • June: Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen, Aalborg University was admitted to the SAPEA working group on ‘A systemic approach to the energy transition in Europe’. In addition, ATV Fellows have joined various European meetings and working groups on COVID-19 related topics, e.g. protective equipment, air circulation in buildings to prevent spreading of the decease and methods to trace chains of infection.
  • In the Autumn, ATV received funding from the Danish Industry Foundation to establish Danish Center for Energy Storage which joins all key stakeholders in the field around the common goal of Danish research and innovation in the field.


  • January: ATV launched Danish Centre for Energy Storage, DaCES. A project to unite researchers, business developers, the corporate world, etc. Created for coordinating efforts in developing energy storage technologies.
  • January: ATV published an executive summary in English of the report “The World’s Leading Tech Regions – Testing Denmark’s Capacity in Tech”.
  • April: ATV published the report “Sustainable Production of the Future, a Baseline”. In cooperation with the Danish Industry Foundation, we have developed a baseline for measuring sustainability by way of five indicators that will make the transition concrete and operational. The five indicators are CO2 emissions, energy consumption, resource consumption, water consumption, and waste generation. The baseline enables businesses to go from speaking of sustainable transition to measuring it.
  • May: at ATV’s annual assembly, we discussed the importance of technology for gearing up Danish economy after the COVID-19 crisis. The government was involved at a high level by participation of the Danish Minister for Finance. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting was video-broadcasted with only the panelists and speakers present in the ‘studio’. In connection with the meeting, ATV published our annual State of the Nation report on Denmark as a Science & Engineering region.
  • June: ATV published a State of the Nation report for the digital business area.
  • August: ATV had a study trip to regional growth areas in Denmark. We had dialogue with researchers, business developers, and investors about tech developments in Denmark.

November: ATV held a tech summit where we summarized the results of ATV’s 5-year project on Science & Engineering. The results are compiled in the report “Vision for Danmark 2030”.