Euro-CASE Member Academies
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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)

Member Academies

C/O BLOXHUB – Faestningens Materialgaard – 30 Frederiksholms Kanal / 1220 Copenhagen K Denmark

T. +45 45 88 13 11 | F. +45 45 88 13 51



Founding date: 1937
Number of members: 650
Number foreign members: 8
Management and Staff: 950.000 €
Financing and sources:
Corporate membership fees (industry and others) amounts to 54%,
income from projects (foundations and participants’ fees) 46 %


The Academy is an independent institution, the object of which is to act on the basis of expert technical knowledge to promote technological and scientific research and ensure the application of research results to further the creation of value and welfare in Danish society.

Committees / Main working groups

The Academy Council

– Scientific group on Technological Management and Organisation
– Scientific group on Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and Geosciences
– Scientific group on Construction and Production
– Scientific group on Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Technology

The ATV Think Tank
ATV|Helios – The ATV Committee on Education, Research and Innovation.

Highlights 2013

– « Intelligent Growth » conference in Copenhagen in November 2018 with a focus on how Denmark utilizes disruptive, digital technologies as drivers for growth and welfare. Launch of the report “Disruptive China” based on an ATV delegation visiting Shanghai area in October 2018.
– « Denmark’s Knowledge-Region-Challenge » conference in Copenhagen in April 2018 and launch of the report “Denmark’s Position as Science & Engineering Region”. Tuula Teeri, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA was keynote speaker at the conference.
– « Towards a World-Leading Science & Engineering Region » conference in November 2017 with a focus on Computer Science, Life Science and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Launch of the report “Learnings from US Tech Clusters” based on an ATV delegation visiting Boston and Bay Area in October 2017.