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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Hungarian Academy of Engineering (HAE)

Member Academies

Műegyetem rkp. 3. / 1111 Budapest Hungary

T. +36 1 353 39 96 / +36 1 463 24 71 | F. +36 1 353 22 41



Founding date: 1990
Number of members: 224 full members + 57 foreign members
Number foreign members: 57
Management and Staff: 1 + 3 part-time
Annual Budget: 16.000.000 HUF (1 USD = 220-230 HUF)
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 10%
Industry • 30%
Private funding • 30%
Other • 30%


Advancement of modern technologies.

Committees / Main working groups

– Interdisciplinary working groups (no committees) engineering education; innovative technologies; food security; energy situation of Hungary; role of nuclear energy in Hungary.
– Interdisciplinary working groups.

Highlights 2020-2021

  • Despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hungarian Academy of Engineering (HAE) continued implementing its basic mission, as established more than three decades ago. However it can be noted that there was a generational shift that was considered in updating the functioning of the HAE executive bodies. HaE has upgraded their management model including relevant professional expert activities yielding a set of recommendations. A major goal of the activities was to consolidate the participation of the Academy in relevant international bodies. A upcoming priority for the coming year is to rejuvenate the HAE membership.
  • Three General Assemblies (GA) were held during 2020:
    On the 30th anniversary of the HAE, February 6th 2020 the 14th GA, was held. The GA focused on the emerging technological challenges and those related to the innovation capabilities. The new President and a new Vice-President were elected;
    Due to the restrictions posed by the pandemic the 15th GA was held online between July 14 and 20 with a view towards gathering and synthetizing the views and proposals of the members in order to ensure continuity in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic;
    The 16th GA was held again online between September 18 and 20 in order to modify, as foreseen, the Statutes of the Academy. The modifications were adopted by consensus.