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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Real Academia De Ingeniería (RAI)

Member Academies

Don Pedro 10 / 28005 Madrid Spain

T. +34 91 528 2001 | F. +34 91 364 5548



Founding date: 1994
Number of members: 60 Full members
Number foreign members: 42 Corresponding members (16 nationalities)
Management and Staff: 10
Annual Budget: 850.000 €
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 55%
Industry • 45%


– To promote quality and competence in Spanish engineering, fostering study, research and progress in those sciences on which it is based, in the techniques required by its applications and in the methods that encompass its creative activity.
– To collaborate with other Academies and similarly-oriented institutions, whether located in Spain or other countries, as well as with those of an international nature, on matters and programs of common interest.

Committees / Main working groups

– Board of Directors
– Treasury Committee
– International Liaison Committee
– Steering Committee
– Awards Committee

Highlights 2017/2018

The Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain has organized more than 30 seminars, conferences and other different events during 2018. Due to their relevance, the following should be highlighted:

– Opening session with the lecture “Twenty years later…”.
– Master class “Know haw, technological dissemination and economic development” by Prof. Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard University.
– Seminar of “Engineering and Accessibility” with the participation of the Ministry of Infrastructures of Spain.
– Joint seminar with the participation of the Academy of Sciences of Poland about ·The challenges of the coal industry in the European Union” held in Katowice, Poland.
– Annual awards “Academiae Dilecta” and “Young Engineers”.
– Project “Women and Engineering”: Opening session of the “3ª Mentoring Program” and Seminar « Women and Engineering” Dialogues with the participation of outstanding professional women.
– Presentation of the Observatory “Digitalization of the Media” with a first seminar about “Technologies for the analysis and metadata of the video contents”.
– Conference about “Brain and Creativity” organized along with other Spanish Royal Academies.
– Inception ceremony of the new member Dr. Nuria Oliver, with the conference “Artificial intelligence: fiction, reality and…dreams”

Special mention during the 2018 to two activities:

– The ‘deep dive’ workshop for the EURO-CASE Energy Platform was organized by the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (RAI) on September 27-28, 2018.

– The kick off of TECHMI contest, by which teams of 8-10 teenagers share their creativity and imagination trying to work out social problems by developing a prototype. The major part members of every team must be girls and the leader has to be too. This contest is in the frame of the “Women and Engineering “ project which aims at the promotion of the engineering and the female talent in our society.