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The Council of Finnish Academies (CoFA)

Member Academies

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Council of Finnish Academies
Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 7 A, 00130 Helsinki Finland


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Mikko HUPA

Founding date: 1976
Number of members: 1800 in the four member academies
Management and Staff: 2,5
Annual Budget: 570.000 €
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 98%
Member academies • 2 %


The Council of Finnish Academies is a cooperative body for the four science academies in Finland. The Council works to promote high quality scientific research and the impact of research in society.

Working groups

The committee of international affairs.

Highlights 2023

Major events

  • The Human Rights Committee of the Council of Finnish Academies (CoFA) granted Risto Pelkonen Human Rights Award for the Finnish National Theatre at the event “Theater and the freedom of science” in May
  • « Great Nobel Debate” in October
  • Seminar “Science and the green transition” in November

Other activities

  • CoFA nominated national representatives to several international science organizations and their workgroups, including CAETS, EASAC, Euro-CASE, and SAPEA.
  • CoFA shared several reports and publications published by international science organizations to national decision-makers, science organizations and media.

Executive Committee representatives of the Council of Finnish Academies

  • Chair Professor Mikko Hup
  • Members:
    Professor Mika Hannula
    Professor Tuula Linna
    professori Jan Sundberg