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Message from the Chairman

of Euro-CASE

Reinhard HÜTTL
After the 20th anniversary of Euro-CASE we called for a new phase in independent science- and technology-based policy advice to European Institutions. Our record of new policy activities this year underlines our strong commitment to partnership with the EU.
The Euro-CASE Innovation Platform has generated numerous policy papers on important topics such as innovation financing, public procurement and advanced manufacturing. Its members have undertaken comprehensive analysis and recommendations have been published in in a summarising policy paper on European Innovation Policy...

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Euro-CASE platforms


The Euro-CASE Innovation Platform took up its work at the beginning of 2012 under the leadership of acatech (DE) and IVA (SE) – Dietmar Harhoff and Björn O. Nilsson as co-chairs. Ultimately, the objective is to help putting in place the necessary conditions for Europe to increase its innovative power.


Euro-CASE decided to establish a platform on energy in 2013. Almost all of the member academies are working on the topic of energy not least since the future design of the European energy system is of fundamental importance for meeting the proposed EU-climate targets put forward by the European Commission in January 2014 to reduce EU domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 40% below the 1990 level and to increase the share of renewable energy to at least 27% of the EU's energy consumption by 2030. At the same time a well-designed European market for energy is also crucial for guaranteeing safe, sustainable and affordable energy for Europe’s consumers and industries.

Euro-CASE calls for a reform of the European Emission Trading System (EU ETS)

Euro-CASE convened in Brussels on 24-25 September to inform about the policy paper on reform option of the European Emission Trading System (EU ETS) and present it to relevant European decision makers.