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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)

Member Academies

28 Kacic Street – PO Box 59 / HR-10 001 Zagreb Croatia

T. +385 1 49 22 559 | F. +385 1 49 22 569


Academy - Vedran-MORNAR.jpg

President of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Founding date: 1993
Number of members: 363

  • Full members – 95,
  • Associate members – 74,
  • Emeriti members – 78,
  • Foreign members – 16,
  • Honorary members -10,
  • Business sector members – 7,
  • Supporting members (institutions) – 64

Management and Staff: 2
Annual Budget: 125.070 €
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 3.710 €
Industry • 114.250 €
Private funding • 7.110 €
Other • (Academic community support, activities)


Our objective is promoting technical sciences, gathering and encouraging co-operation of the scientists of different technical, biotechnical and other professions in order to support efficient scientific and economic development of Croatia without gaining any profit. (Article 1 of the HATZ Statute).

Our missions are
– To be a leading, creative and innovative multidisciplinary community of scientists in the field of engineering;
– To be efficient experts and contribute to the development of technical sciences and the transfer of technological knowledge important for the progress of the Croatian economy and the benefit of all people;
– To advocate safe and appropriate use of technology, to advocate environmental protection and the protection of people against its inappropriate use
– To promote professionalism and responsible behaviour with regard to highest ethical norms.

Activities of the HATZ
– Research and development within the field of technological sciences,
– Technological analysis and research,
– Encouraging and organizing scientific work,
– Drawing up scientific papers, expertises, feasibility studies and participating in projects,
– Discussing and expressing attitudes on current issues in science and economy,
– Organizing scientific conferences,
– Publishing activity,
– Cooperation with academies in Croatia and abroad,
– Transfer of knowledge.

Committees / Main working groups


– Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
– Department of Bioprocess Engineering
– Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
– Department of Power Systems
– Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
– Department of Graphical Engineering
– Department of Information Systems
– Department of Chemical Engineering
– Department of Communication Systems
– Department of Transport
– Department of Mining and Metallurgy
– Department of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
– Department of Systems and Cybernetics
– Department of Textile Technology

Standing committees

– Committee for Economic and Regional Cooperation
– Committee for International Cooperation
– Committee for the Awards
– Committee for Ethics
– Committee of the HATZ Foundation


– Biotechnical Center
– Center for Lifelong Education
– Center for Geoinformation and Cartography
– Center for Graphical Engineering
– Center for Development Studies and Projects
– Center for Environmental Protection and Development of Sustainable Technologies
– Center for Traffic Engineering

Highlights 2019

– Publication of the Academy scientific editions: “Annual 2018 of the Croatian Academy of Engineering“, HATZ, Zagreb, 2018 and “Engineering Power“ – Vols. 14(1) 2019, 14(2) 2019, 14(3) 2019, and 14(4) 2019.
– Participation in the organization of seven scientific conferences, as well as 25 different scientific meetings and public events held under the auspices of the Academy.
– Participation in the Euro-CASE Annual Conference and Board meeting in Oslo, Norway, October 2019, and the organisation of the Euro-CASE Annual Conference to be held in Zagreb, Croatia.