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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)

Member Academies

28 Kacic Street – PO Box 59 / HR-10 001 Zagreb Croatia

T. +385 1 49 22 559 | F. +385 1 49 22 569


Academy - Vedran-MORNAR.jpg

President of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Founding date: 1993
Number of members: 363

  • Full members – 95,
  • Associate members – 74,
  • Emeriti members – 78,
  • Foreign members – 16,
  • Honorary members -10,
  • Business sector members – 7,
  • Supporting members (institutions) – 64

Management and Staff: 2
Annual Budget: 125.070 €
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 3.710 €
Industry • 114.250 €
Private funding • 7.110 €
Other • (Academic community support, activities)


Our objective is promoting technical sciences, gathering and encouraging co-operation of the scientists of different technical, biotechnical and other professions in order to support efficient scientific and economic development of Croatia without gaining any profit. (Article 1 of the HATZ Statute).

Our missions are
– To be a leading, creative and innovative multidisciplinary community of scientists in the field of engineering;
– To be efficient experts and contribute to the development of technical sciences and the transfer of technological knowledge important for the progress of the Croatian economy and the benefit of all people;
– To advocate safe and appropriate use of technology, to advocate environmental protection and the protection of people against its inappropriate use
– To promote professionalism and responsible behaviour with regard to highest ethical norms.

Activities of the HATZ
– Research and development within the field of technological sciences,
– Technological analysis and research,
– Encouraging and organizing scientific work,
– Drawing up scientific papers, expertises, feasibility studies and participating in projects,
– Discussing and expressing attitudes on current issues in science and economy,
– Organizing scientific conferences,
– Publishing activity,
– Cooperation with academies in Croatia and abroad,
– Transfer of knowledge.

Committees / Main working groups


– Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
– Department of Bioprocess Engineering
– Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
– Department of Power Systems
– Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
– Department of Graphical Engineering
– Department of Information Systems
– Department of Chemical Engineering
– Department of Communication Systems
– Department of Transport
– Department of Mining and Metallurgy
– Department of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
– Department of Systems and Cybernetics
– Department of Textile Technology

Standing committees

– Committee for Economic and Regional Cooperation
– Committee for International Cooperation
– Committee for the Awards
– Committee for Ethics
– Committee of the HATZ Foundation


– Biotechnical Center
– Center for Lifelong Education
– Center for Geoinformation and Cartography
– Center for Graphical Engineering
– Center for Development Studies and Projects
– Center for Environmental Protection and Development of Sustainable Technologies
– Center for Traffic Engineering

Highlights 2020-2021

  • The Croatian Academy of Engineering brings together more than 280 renowned domestic and foreign experts in the field of technical and biotechnical sciences. In the past year, HATZ members invested a lot of effort and knowledge to increase the Croatian Academy’s notability in Croatia and globally.
  • Despite the COVID-19 pandemic the work of HATZ has been recognized by many domestic and foreign institutions, evidenced through an increased number of requests for cooperation, invitations to organise/co-organise meeting and conferences. As well as an increased in HATZ members attending meeting of pubic and media interest. More than 30 domestic and international events have been organized under the auspices of the Croatian Academy of Engineering.
  • The Croatian Academy of Engineering has organised several conferences:
    • Croatian Engineer’s Day, Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, March 2020;
    • International Scientific Conference “Printing & Design”, May 2020;
    • Annual conference “Euro-CASE 2020 – Dealing with Challenges of the European Energy Transition”, November 2020.
  • In cooperation with the Croatian Engineering Association, the Croatian Academy of Engineering organized the Day of Engineers of the Republic of Croatia. The yearly meeting took place for the sixth time and was one of the most important gatherings of these two organizations. Held in March 2020 Engineers’ Day of Republic of Croatia was dedicated to STEM and the insufficiently used educational and development potential of the Croatian society.
  • An international conference called Printing & Design 2020 was held in June 2020, co-organized by the Centre for Graphic Engineering of the Croatian Academy of Engineering. The meeting was organised in a hybrid form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A small number of participants followed the gathering live from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, while most of the participants joined the meeting using the Zoom platform.
  • The Academy has been active in the field of international cooperation, in particular in the field of cooperation with CAETS and Euro-CASE through their membership in these organizations and regular participation in online meetings.
  • The Croatian Academy of Engineering, as a long-term member of Euro-CASE, on November 20th 2020 held an international scientific-professional annual conference Euro-CASE 2020 on “Dealing with Challenges of the European Energy Transition”.
  • A conference organisation committee was appointed, who comprised:
    Prof. Nikola Čavlina, PhD, President of the Board; Prof. Vladimir Andročec, PhD, President of HATZ; Prof. Slavko Krajcar, PhD, Member of the HATZ’s Board; Prof. Zdravko Terze, PhD, HATZ’s Vice President; Prof. Neven Duić, PhD, Secretary of the HATZ’s Department of Energy Systems and Prof. Vladimir Mrša, PhD, HATZ’s Secretary General.