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Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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The Council of Finnish Academies (CoFA)

Member Academies

Academy - academies_logo_Finland.jpg

The Council of Finnish Academies c/o The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 7 A 6, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

T. +358 50 31 35 112



Founding date: 1976
Number of members: 1800 in the four member academies
Management and Staff: 2,5
Annual Budget: 570.000 €
Financing and sources:
Government Support • 98%
Member academies • 2 %


The Council of Finnish Academies is a cooperative body for the four science academies in Finland. The Council works to promote high quality scientific research and the impact of research in society.

Working groups

The committee of international affairs.

Highlights 2020-2021

Major events

  • Council of Finish Academies (CoFA) arranged two public events in 2020:
    • Webinar on “Current conditions for international activities” in October
    • “Great Nobel Debate” in October
  • In 2021, CoFA arranged two public events:
    • “Great Nobel Debate” in October
    • Seminar “Mitigation of climate change and biodiversity loss – Finland and international cooperation” in November
  • In May 2021, CoFA hosted ALLEA General Assembly. CoFA and ALLEA co-organised a virtual scientific symposium “Across boundaries in sciences”. The symposium gathered leading academics, policymakers, and civil society from over 40 countries to discuss today’s position of science in society and in relation to policy, including a particular focus on interdisciplinary research and a debate on the recently released ALLEA discussion paper “Fact or Fake? Tackling Science Disinformation”.

Other activities

  • CoFA nominated national representatives to several international science organizations and their workgroups, including IAP, ALLEA, EASAC, and Euro-CASE.
  • CoFA shared several reports and publications published by science organizations to national decision-makers, science organizations and media.

Executive Committee representatives of the Council of Finnish Academies

  • Chair Professor Markku Leskelä
  • Vice-Chair Professor Hannu Koskinen
  • Members D.Sc. (Tech.) Leni von Bonsdorff
  • Professor Kimmo Kaski