Euro-CASE Member Academies
Message As the independent voice of European excellence in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology, Euro-CASE is dedicated to providing evidence-...
Message from Reinhard HÜTTL, Chairman
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Accademia di Ingegneria e Tecnologia

Member Academies

Piazza dei Caprettari 70 / 00186 Roma, Italy




From January 2018, Italy is represented within Euro-CASE as an observer by a Consortium composed of:

The aim of the consortium was to create an Italian Academy of Technologies.

With the support of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, this goal has been achieved in September 2022. In January 2023, the first steering council has been elected, composed by Speranza Falciano (INFN) as President, Massimo Morbidelli (Politecnico Milano) and Francesca Zarri (CTO ENI) as Vicepresidents, Maria Chiara Carrozza (CNR President), Franco Ongaro (CTO Leonardo) and Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi, followed by the appointment of Matteo Pardo (CNR) as Secretary General. The Academy is acting to receive official recognition and set up the industrial representation body.

Committees / Main working groups