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Energy challenges in europe. The role of engineering in securing supplies and technologies

Real Academia de Ingeniería, Don Pedro Street 10, Madrid
25 September 2023 from 9.00 to 18.00

Engineers play a key role in society through the design and importantly the implementation of positive solutions supporting society and the environment.

Engineering and Technology are key players in tackling energy challenges in Europe. Our Annual Conference will address current challenges such as power systems for security and reliability of clean energy, security of minerals supply, while maintaining European strategic sovereignty.

The energy transition in Europe brings significant changes for the energy sectors and industry, as well as widespread economic consequences. The most dramatic changes are expected for the oil and gas sectors in which engineering and technology will play a crucial role for delivering sustainable transformation.

The 2023 Euro-CASE Annual Conference will explore both the development of engineering solutions and the enablers, barriers and practicalities of technology deployment. Discussions will highlight how engineers can play a valuable role in guiding decision makers on how to make the best use of technological progress in order to solve complex transitional problems with many interdependencies.

Throughout this conference, we will showcase how engineers can provide valuable insights into the implementation of effective and sustainable solutions for the Energy challenges in Europe. Europe is in clear stage of transformation in which energy transition and digitalization is changing slowly but surely our society.

The Conference addresses three main issues related to these changes, electricity mix in which electrification and renewable are playing a greater role, the minerals and metals needed for the huge investments in renewables and electrification and the inevitable transformation of the oil and gas industries.

Three broad and key issues in which engineering is necessary and should provide sustainable solutions.

Speakers are well known Fellows of Academies or experts nominated by Academies. So, attending personally shall provide interesting opportunities to discuss, debate and gather fresh ideas on interrelated topics, furthermore provide the occasion to network in Madrid.



The Conference will be organised as follows:


_Opening session
_Keynote speeches
_Session 1: Electricity mix and power systems for reliable supplies
_Session 2: Energy transition and Digitalization: the challenge of minerals for a strategic sovereignty
_Session 3: The role of Engineering in the transformation of the oil and gas sectors
_Closing of the Conference


Registration information will be added soon.

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