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28 Oct Municipal Solid Waste: What to do with the biodegradables?

National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)
Based on the disciplines of biology, molecular biology, chemistry, biotechnology as well as information technology and engineering sciences, a new field of research is evolving, called synthetic biology. It has attracted special attention recently, also on an international basis. Synthetic biology can make an essential contribution to the gaining of knowledge in basic research. Beyond that, it opens up options for biotechnological applications in the medium term, i.e. in the area of new and improved diagnostic agents, vaccines and drugs as well as the development of new biosensors and biomaterials or even biofuels. Concurrently, the research area opens up new questions, e.g. about legal aspects in the context of biological safety or the protection from abuse; likewise, questions about the economic use and ethical aspects. Against this backdrop, the German Research Foundation (DFG), acatech, which is the German Academy for Science and Engineering, and the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina have pooled their strengths and crafted a joint statement on possible opportunities and risks of synthetic biology.
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25 Oct The Construction Industry of the Future in a Globalization Perspective

Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)
In this report ATV discusses to what extent investors, developers, consultancy firms, manufacturers of construction products, distributors and contractors will undergo internationalization or participate in the globalization of the construction industry - What problems or benefits will it imply, and what will be the trends for the future.
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22 Oct Time-domain database-assisted design of tall, flexible structures for wind

Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences (ASTR)
The paper presents the Database-Assisted Design (DAD) framework for the time-domain approach. It then discusses the application of that framework to the analysis and design of tall buildings. The paper notes advantages of DAD in terms of transparency, accuracy, and convenience due to the effective automation of the design process.
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22 Oct Reuse of water sources in a production environment

CNR, INFN, ITT and Politecnico di Torino consortium
Water represents a primary resource, essential for the future of our generations that must be more and more protected and preserved from an arbitrary and negligent use. Therefore, the sustainable management of water resources has become a challenge for the future, especially for the production sector, that must adopt the best actions to reduce its own impact on these limited sources. The seminar is the opportunity to be updated about the rules on water protection and related fulfilments and controls in the production sector. Moreover, it is the occasion to know some business experiences in sustainable management of water resources and the current quality of superficial and subterranean waters in Veneto Region.
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