Engineering graduates for industry

18 Oct Engineering graduates for industry

Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) (RAEng)

This report was commissioned in 2008 by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills – now the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to identify how to increase the number of employable engineering graduates with the skills industry needs. Against a background where the UK competitive advantage will depend increasingly on raising the level of our science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, there was recognition that UK business and industry would be disadvantaged if not provided with an adequate supply of well-educated and motivated engineering graduates. Since then, the banking crisis, the global downturn, the need for transition to low carbon economies and competition from emergent new technologies have created an even more urgent imperative to address this.  This report reviews current approaches to engineering higher education and provides a detailed review of a range of relevant motivational techniques universities use to meet the needs of business and industry.

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