5G in perspective – Publication

24 Jan 5G in perspective – Publication

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

The title: 5G in perspective
The date of publication: 2021
Authors: Mr Miguel Ángel Lagunas
Main themes: Engineering
Nature of publication: Opening of the Academic Year
Report availability (link, paper version…):Link, paper.

At the opening of Academic Year 2019-2020, the academician Miguel Angel Lagunas began with a brief introduction on digitisation and the first steps in the limits of transmission speed, making a short journey through the five generations from the first to the fifth. The deployment of this fifth generation is taking place now. Before going through that journey, he introduced two elements that were considered essential in the evolution of radio generations: the layered structure and information theory.

5G inverts the natural or temporary order of things, based on two singularities of great importance in this generation compared with previous ones. The first is that 5G is not a new generation mobile radio, but a new communications infrastructure that also involve cable, fibre and satellite technologies. This leads to a greater ability to make a big leap in supported applications and scenarios. These are the two reasons why this odd generation seems very different and certainly fascinating from an engineering perspective.


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