Generation Equation

01 Déc Generation Equation

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering (IVA)

What motivates young people to want to learn? What kind of knowledge creates meaning – both for the individual and for building a sustainable and democratic society? With Generation Equation we aim to investigate Swedish students’ attitudes towards knowledge and learning, with a particular focus on science, mathematics and reading.
Generation Equation is produced by IVA’s Future Knowledge Society project, whose vision is a society where knowledge empowers people to build a better world for all. The report is based on both international and Swedish studies. It is divided into three main chapters: how enjoyable or interesting young people perceive learning to be; how they perceive their own abilities and situation, for example in relation to self-confidence and stress; and how they see the benefits of what they learn for the future. IVA concludes by identifying several themes and challenges where IVA finds a need for future discussion. One example is whether a broader perspective on possible educational and career paths for young people can be mobilised, in the light of society’s major common challenges and rapid developments. The report is available in Swedish.

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