Life and Inventions of Faust Vrančić

21 Oct Life and Inventions of Faust Vrančić

Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)

The third edition has been substantially expanded and supplemented by research into a few unexplained events from the life of Faust Vrancic and his family. It is particularly concerned with the origin of his family and the family coat of arms, his initial form and later changes. Various claims and representations of his works are also considered. The book also points out some questions historians have no answers yet. In the analysis of the work of renaissance engineers, a common occurrence of the use of ideas of contemporaries or predecessors was noted, without mentioning their name. In the past few years scientists are investigating these cases and the results greatly change the image of the greats of that age, among whom are Francesco di Gorgio Martini and Leonardo da Vinci. For this reason, chapter 3.2 is added in the book The common phenomenon of using other ideas and solutions with a few examples that point to this phenomenon. This is necessary because this book deals with the models Faust Vrančić had, his improvements to these assumed ideas, as well as by emphasizing his original works.

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