Security Research – Opportunities and Perspectives

21 Oct Security Research – Opportunities and Perspectives

National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)

Security is a basic need of human beings and therefore of society. Science and technology serve the purpose of satisfying this fundamental need. The concept of security is used, however, in many different ways; as a consequence, the heterogeneity of the concept is implemented in the models and solutions conceived to guarantee security and safety. The publication constitutes an initial discussion result of the topical network of “Security.”
The contributions illustrate the complexity of the concept of “security” and the corresponding theories and solution approaches. All contributions are based on the assumption that the conceptual separation of “security” and “safety” has to be overcome.
When developing new technologies, aspects of both safety and security have to be taken into consideration. While practical experience is seeking the integration of the most diverse protection goals, subsidy policy is still geared to separate approaches. The volume on hand sketches thought-provoking stimuli from various scientific disciplines, which could make a contribution to constituting a bridge between safety and security.

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