Acceptance of Technology and Infrastructures

21 Oct Acceptance of Technology and Infrastructures

National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)

There is hardly another subject in the context of new technologies that worries the public more than the presumed risks or impact on people’s familiar living surroundings. Whereas the focus of the resistance has been centered on nuclear power, carbon capture and carbon storage and green genetic engineering up to now, the expansion of renewable energies is coming increasingly under fire; e.g. by protests against new power grids and storage facilities. The same applies to mobility-related infrastructure projects; the latest instance was the particularly high-profile protest against “Stuttgart 21.” The statement by the Academy of Science and Engineering on hand not only analyzes the patterns of current acceptance discussions. It also offers recommendations for action to be taken for the improvement of the dialogue of social groups—including the communication on future topics such as nanotechnology or synthetic biology.

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