Council of Finnish Academies (CoFA)

25 Mai Bending, but not breaking

The title: Bending, but not breaking
Authors: Anna Mauranen, Eva-Mari Aro, Riitta Hari, Sirpa Jalkanen, Markku Kulmala, Arto Mustajoki, Risto Nieminen, Ilkka Niiniluoto, Kari Raivio, Jorma Sipilä, Kirsi Tirri, Pekka Aula, Jaakko Kuosmanen and Rosa Rantanen Main themes: The statement presents views on Finland's crisis resilience based on the lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic crisis, with the goal of a strong and resilient Finland. The statement looks further into the future, rather than focusing on the short-term recovery from the current crisis. The statement invites us to discuss ways of improving crisis resilience at the individual, community and societal levels. Nature of publication: Statement  
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21 Oct Better Life: Transforming Human Access to Knowledge

Technology Academy Finland (TAF)
The Millennium Technology Prize, awarded by Technology Academy Finland is awarded every two years to celebrate innovations that improve the quality of life. The report summarizes the winning innovations of the Prize since its beginning in 2004. The winners include Sir Tim Berners-Lee (World Wide Web, 2004), Shuji Nakamura (Blue and white LEDs, 2006), Robert Langer (Controlled drug release, 2008), Michael Grätzel (Dye-sensitized solar cells, 2010), Linus Torvalds (Open source operating system, 2012), Shinya Yamanaka (Ethical stem cell research, 2012), and Stuart Parkin (Increased data storage density, 2014).
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