Healthcare for Asylum Seekers

22 Oct Healthcare for Asylum Seekers

National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)

The foremost priority of the German healthcare system is to protect the health of every person living in the country, which includes those seeking humanitarian protection in Germany (asylum seekers). Providing asylum seekers with healthcare is presenting new challenges for the German healthcare system. The academies have identified the following key areas for action: (I) providing medical examinations and care in the initial reception centres, (II) careand treatment of people suffering from mental illnesses and trauma, (III) meeting the demand for qualified personnel, (IV) taking linguistic and cultural needs into consideration, (V) expanding the scope of available data and research. The academies recommend that specialized polyclinics provide medical care in the initial reception centres. The tasks of these clinics should include: ensuring medical expertise that is sensitive to cultural and religious needs; providing (specialist) interpreters; actively engaging with the structuring and organisation of reception centres; networking with hospitals, on-site doctors, and social welfare organisations.

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