Interaction between high school education and private enterprise

18 Oct Interaction between high school education and private enterprise

Belgium Academies (ARB)

There is a gap between what students are taught in secondary schools and what the business world demands. The first part of this paper looks at the problem itself. There are several reasons why this gap exists, despite the high quality of our educational system. In the second part we look at the somewhat difficult relationship between the business world and the educational system. The business world is extremely heterogeneous and changes rather rapidly, while the educational system tends to be rather sluggish and is not able to respond immediately to all needs of the business world. The third part deals with the information given to our youth about technology, the possibilities of a career in the business world, and what obstacles remain in deciding to choose a job in the business world. In the fourth and last part suggestions are put forward for changing the organisation and structure of our educational system. Changes however must also be carried by society, including: parents, the business world, administration, youth movements and sports clubs. An all round education is certainly not the responsibility of the school only.

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