Journey to the center of the wood – Publication

24 Jan Journey to the center of the wood – Publication

Real Academia de Ingenieria (Spain) (RAI)

The title: Journey to the center of the wood
The date of publication: 21st January 2020
Authors: Mr Luis García Esteban
Main themes: Forest engineering
Nature of publication: Inauguration as full member academician

Report availability (link, paper version…): Link, paper.

The current production of wood in the world is about 3,800 million cubic meters, of which 50% is used as fuel (it is estimated that about 2,400 million people use wood as fuel to cover their basic needs such as cooking, boiling water or heating) and the other 50% becomes part of what is known as industrial roundwood, that is, the wood that feeds the first transformation production lines and cellulose pulp. Right now, it contributes 1% of the world’s GDP, not including second transformation (furniture and carpentry).

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