18 Oct Nuclear Lessons Learned

Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) (RAEng)

This report constitutes the first phase of a larger project that will investigate the lessons to be learned from recent and current nuclear build projects that are relevant to new power station projects in the UK. In this context, the current report represents the academic summary of literature and information available to date.  This review identifies the following lessons: 1. Follow-on replica stations are cheaper than first-of-a-kind. 2. The design must be mature and licensing issues resolved prior to start of construction. 3. Establish a highly-qualified team to develop the design, secure the safety case, plan the procurement and build schedule in detail in collaboration with main contractors. 4. Ensure that sub-contractors are of high quality and experienced in nuclear construction or are taught the necessary special skills and requirements for quality, traceability and documentation. 5. Establish and maintain good communications with the community local to the site.


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