Enineering Power – Bulletin of the Croatian Academy of Engineering – Vol. 12(3)

18 Oct Enineering Power – Bulletin of the Croatian Academy of Engineering – Vol. 12(3)

Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)

Biomedical engineering is one of the fastest developing fields, which touches many specialties and provides a basis for the faster development of medical science. Close and fruitful cooperation of medical doctors and engineers results in team synergy, thus enabling faster progress than in the case when everyone works seperately in their own « silos ». At the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical engineering and Naval Architecture we recognised the necessity of such cooperation more than ten years ago. Today, our several engineer teams are teames up with medical doctors in projects related to medicine. As pathological conditions in the cardiovascular system (such as atherosclerosis, formation of aneurysms, valvular jeart diseases, etc.) are strongly interlinked with the hemodynamics of the cardiovascular system and tissue remodeling, they attract interest of our departments. The Department of Fluid Mechanics is now in charge of hemodynamics and the Department of Mechanics is in charge of tissue remodeling and formation of aneurysms.The papers provide the Department of Fluid Mechanics team with a short overview over research activities and results in the field of hemodynamic modeling of the cardiovascular system. We have developed models and numerical methods with different levels of complexity: from a lumped parameter model to one-dimensional and quasi two-dimensional to three-dimensional model.

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