How Sweden reaches its climate goals

01 Jan How Sweden reaches its climate goals

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering (IVA)

In accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement the Swedish ambition is to become climate neutral by 2045. However, the investments that are made today are not enough – Sweden will not achieve its climate goals at the current rate of development. With the project Choices for the climate, IVA wants to contribute with a holistic perspective on the climate issue to help decision-makers weigh up different alternatives, while at the same time strengthening Swedish competitiveness. IVA focuses on the following questions: What technical measures are required on a system level, to meet the climate targets? How much more electricity and biomass are needed to replace fossil energy and fossil resources? And how should politics work to achieve the climate goals?
The project’s summary report, “How Sweden will reach its climate goals”, is based on other reports, studies and public statistics already published. Seven main strategies that IVA has identified for Sweden to achieve its climate goals are outlined, including the need for more international cooperation, the need to share and mitigate economic risks so that the necessary technology shifts can be made, and the need to ensure access to electricity and a secure electricity system. The report is available in Swedish.

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