Jubilee Annual of Croatian Academy of Engineering 2016

18 Oct Jubilee Annual of Croatian Academy of Engineering 2016

Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)

The development of technical and biotechnical sciences is the basis for the overall social progress. We have witnessed that in recent years the focus of international research competitions is directed towards the applied sphere. The emphasis of innovation processes is also noticeable, as well as the recommendation of involving small and medium-sized enterprises in research activities. Because of the accelerated development of technical sciences, the answer to the question about future directions of development is not unambiguous. Croatia’s Republic of Croatia, as a shortage of unclear values of quality of life and technological standards of developed EU countries, one of the high priorities should be to consider one’s own relationship to the underlying principles of such development. The topics of optimal higher education and the promotion of innovation, as well as the appropriate incorporation of engineering sciences into the general social phenomena, give particular importance to the importance of analyzing the present situation and the development of guidelines for future development.

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